Consortium of ISOBS Experts

The following expert clinicians are part of our network:

  • Donald Morris, MD
  • Douglas Pleskow, MD
  • Michael Walsh, MD
  • Andrew White, MD
  • Phillip Yen MD
  • Peter Steinberg MD
  • Hector Vila MD
  • Felipe Collares MD
  • Dee IsaacsonMD
  • Lee Dorsch MD
  • Sumner Slavin, MD
  • Marcelle Willock MD

As a member of the Institute, you can request information about a specific topic related to your office-based surgery practice. Utilizing our extensive network of advisors that consists of experts in every aspect of OBS practice as well as our own research, we can provide you with up-to-date, accurate information about the latest changes in state and federal regulations, credentialing, staffing, and accreditation, as well as research and quality/safety improvement efforts.

This invaluable resource is only open to current members of the Institute.

If needed, we can also refer you to a partner organization that specializes in setting up and maintaining office-based surgical practices.